LFrank Jewelry

Natural Elements

LFrank jewelry is the most modern expression of ritual adornment. Pearls, shells, amber, wood, and vintage glass beads all play a distinct role in my collection. The pearls that I use come from Australia, Japan, Tahiti, and French Polynesia. I look for incredible luster and a slightly off-round to baroque shape.

Color and texture are important factors in my selection of pearls, though I am happy to work with a client who desires a piece that features the kind of pearls they love. Like with all aspects of jewelry, choosing pearls is a very personal decision.

I love seeking out vintage and antique beads and natural elements. The antique and vintage recycled glass trade beads that I use have passed through Africa on their journey, sometimes quite a long time ago. More recently, I have begun working with women in Africa who make colored glass beads using recycled glass. The beads are both beautiful and meaningful to me, as I am proud to support the women who work on them.

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