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Rose Cut Diamonds

I primarily use rose or moghul cut diamonds for their simplicity, and less machined appearance. I use white, cognac, and black diamonds and even more opaque natural colored diamonds, which range from steely grey to soft pink, and even yellow, brown, or green. The rose cut is one of the oldest cuts, emerging in the mid 16th century in Antwerp, and used throughout India for even longer. It predates modern diamond cutting tools and technology, and holds the romance of a time when diamonds were prized for their perceived divine qualities.

The rose cut features triangular shaped facets, arranged symmetrically over the top of the stone, while the bottom is essentially flat and left smooth. The diamonds that I buy are certified conflict-free by the Kimberley Certificate process. I buy from a multi-generational diamond dealer with whom I have done business for over a decade. Occasionally, when the design calls for it, we will use full cut stones. For those who request it, full cut brilliant stones with GIA certification are used and selected according to the client’s desire.

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