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The Joy of March

Well, helloooooo SPRING! I've never appreciated the transition of seasons more than I have this year. The spring equinox ushers us into a new reality, thankfully... which signifies so much, not least of which the all important fact that we have made it through the bleakest winter in recent history. The little hummingbird babies above our front door are a testament to the changing season, and to the tenacity of the maternal spirit. I love watching the mama bird feed her growing offspring. What a gift to have the literal embodiment of optimism greet us at the front door!  

I sincerely hope you are all doing well, as understandably it has been challenging work to do just that. Creativity has been the greatest solace for me in this rather trying time, as has nature, and I hope that everyone has found more to appreciate, and more to enjoy in this wild point in time. I have found every bit of birdsong, all of the new green leaves in the garden, and the longer days to be incredibly restorative. Taking a walk at the end of the day and seeing everything in bloom always fortifies me, and makes me feel genuinely optimistic for the days ahead.

It is such a sincere pleasure and privilege to create beautiful pieces, both jewels and elegant robes, along with other intimate pieces to swan around in. The fact that we have managed to continue to do so during this year of years has brought us much to be grateful for. We hope that you will find inspiration, joy, and maybe something new to welcome in the season.

I have always loved color, something which has been a source of comfort to me this year. It has really seen me through, as I have noticed how it affects me and brightens my mood. Working with color sort of feels like a bit like manipulating light itself. Even something as subtle as pairing black with a deep sapphire blue can have a remarkable effect, I find.  

Have a close look at these multi-colored sapphire and diamond rings for a bit of color therapy, or alternately take a moment to appreciate the subtlety of the softest blush color of these heavenly silk charmeuse pieces.

The vibrant green of these Colombian emeralds set in oxidized sterling silver is the perfect embodiment of Spring itself. Green symbolizes growth, renewal, and good fortune, and actually brings about a sense of hope and harmony. This particular shade of green really resonates with me as optimism, which is feeling really, really good right about now.

On the color front, I've been rather obsessed with these Japanese pigments from London shop Choosing Keeping, and was lucky enough to receive a set of them for Christmas.  

Mixing the colors is quite meditative and relaxing. I so look forward to visiting the shop in person on my next trip to London, and then to visiting the Kyoto shop where the pigments are made. I really respect what they do, and have been supporting them via their online shop, where I found these beautiful cards, which I gave as a gift to my daughter. Her birthday was this month, and it was an important one. She still makes a list for us every year, and while cotton pajamas were on the list, the delicate pearl bracelet was a delightful surprise.

The best compliment we can ever receive is when our clients return to us again and again for a special gift or for something to treat themselves to... another ring to stack, another pair of earrings to wear for zoom meetings, or another silk robe to wrap up in. We recently had a client say that our work "exceeded expectations" which is always nice to hear, and something we always strive to do. In the spirit of treating oneself, there are a few things I would suggest, if you are in the mood to celebrate the Spring season with something new to enjoy.

These new poppy flower stud earrings are super chic. We are making them in three sizes, and all are completely charming. We have a pair with a grey diamond center, or a ruby center, and can customize with another stone, should you want a dash of a different color. Have a closer look here and here. The smallest size is coming soon! They pair especially well with our mini oak leaf stud earrings, which are perennial favorites.

Another treat might be a new silk sleep mask. We have new prints available for the season, and my personal favorite is this one. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference they make in the quality of a good night's sleep. They also make a most thoughtful gift, as do our new silk scarves, which I am a big fan of.

They have a multitude of uses, and have a certain joyful elegance any way you choose to wear them. I love them for a bit of color peeking out from under a blazer, or as a belt with a dress, or to manage unruly hair... but my favorite use has been as a shoulder strap for my vintage Hermès Kelly bag. It's quite an old one, and I never had a strap for it until now. The length of the silk makes it so useful, and I imagine it will become one of the pieces I never travel without... once we begin to travel again. That for me, is what I have missed the most, and is what I am so eagerly awaiting. 

Since we are still staying put for the moment, we travel a bit with our meals. It makes the endless amount of cooking feel more festive, and when our food looks like a flower, what could be more inspirational? La cicoria from the lovely Weiser Farms at the Farmer's Market last Sunday was the biggest treat. It makes the best (if not the prettiest!) salad, paired with a creamy pecorino, shaved red onion, and toasted raw walnuts. We have also had a few birthdays to celebrate this month, so there has been a fair amount of Torta Caprese making going on as well. I was taught how to make this cake 10 years ago in Sicily, and when I bake it I am reminded of that very special trip.

We all need fond memories, and bright futures to look forward to. It's the balance of those two poles that has kept me sane throughout. That, and the silver lining of having both of my children at home for the past year, when under normal circumstances, they would have been far and wide. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I look forward to seeing you all in the bright new season ahead.


Lots of Love,


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