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Antidotes to June Gloom

Here we are with June underway, the official month of early summer. It feels more spring-like than anything, with the temperature hovering in the 60s and not too much sun in sight quite yet. We do a get a little bit in the late afternoon after the marine layer burns through, but certainly nothing to make one feel like summer or vacation or anything like that is nigh. Cooler than normal weather aside, I've decided to finally break out the sandals, even if I am wearing them with corduroy suits or having to layer up my cotton pieces to brace against the chill in the air. I recently found the brightest pair of Birkenstocks imaginable to punch up my summer wardrobe. They're brilliant red, and of course extremely comfortable. They most definitely do the trick.

In terms of layering, and warding off the June gloom, we have just received our box of shirts from Sasha Iglehart and her fantastic collection A Shirt Story. For the first time in LFrank history, we are going to be stocking another person's collection. I feel so strongly about Sasha's mission to upcycle and extend the life of these wonderful shirts, I hope you'll come try one (or two or three!) on. We have a fresh stack of twenty (scratch that, down to seventeen already!) one-of-a-kind shirts to choose from, and they are all excellent. I've been wearing mine non-stop since we hosted Sasha last month for a two-day pop up in the boutique. If you've seen me at all recently, you know it's true.

The feedback I've been getting has confirmed that these pieces have become indispensable items in all of our wardrobes, and that everyone needs at least a couple of them to have in rotation. In my case the rotation has been rather heavy, so I was thrilled to receive an email from Sasha yesterday morning with layering inspiration that arrived right before I got dressed for the day. I immediately put A Shirt Story shirt on top of one of our cotton Juno slip dresses, and topped it with our cotton Maia duster. Today I put one underneath our beloved Lilia sundress which I have in the crispest Liberty of London cotton. Tomorrow, I might wear a shirt with one of our Brigitte cotton skirts, which has quickly become one of our best sellers.

As you can see, I'm also layering a pair of the necklaces from my collaboration with Carey Lowell and her beautiful porcelain flowers. They've become a daily staple and I know I'll enjoy them all summer long. We do have a few more pieces available, so don't hesitate if you've got your eye on one or two. It feels so wonderful to be able to collaborate and share the work I'm doing with the work of my talented and lovely, like-minded friends. It truly does elevate the experience of simply dressing for the day, and honestly brings such a lift to my spirits.  

On the topic of lifting spirits, these new earrings are definitely rising to that level. I decided to make a larger pair of one of our favorite everyday earrings, and I absolutely love them. They are incredibly lightweight for their significant scale, and easy to wear both day and evening. The way the hand finished 18K gold catches the light is heaven. The geometric floral motif was inspired by an antique Moorish column fragment that caught my eye in the Museo Lázaro Galdiano in Madrid, which if you've never visited is a treat. I always appreciate seeing such a personal collection and a singular vision left intact.

Of course I have long been collecting stones, and one of my most beloved parcels is one of vintage rose cut diamonds.  When I turned thirty many years ago, I designed a ring to keep the parcel all together, and to treat myself to a special piece to mark the milestone. Alas, it was a bit delicate and I wanted to have something I could wear more robustly. Now I have two rings to enjoy in a sort of reincarnation of the original idea, and I'm thrilled. Needless to say, it does bring me enormous joy to look down at my hands and see these special mementos. If you have stones or family heirlooms that need a bit of reimagining, swing by for a consultation. I truly enjoy the process and it makes me happy to give new life to pieces that need a bit of inspired rehabilitation.

In case it isn't already on your radar, we are rapidly approaching the Father's Day holiday on June 18th. With this in mind, we have restocked some of our most favorite men's Italian cotton robes, which would certainly elevate the morning routine of any gentleman. They're not online, so if you're in the market for a special Father's Day gift, please give us a ring or swing by for a visit. We also have a lovely selection of silk sleep masks which honestly do make an extremely thoughtful and chic gift.  

If your plans for Father's Day include making lunch, this is a nice salad to try. I recently looked through a copy of My Dinner Party Book by Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, and a salad dressing recipe caught my eye. I forgot to write it down but sort of remember the part that piqued my interest, which was the addition of horseradish and dijon mustard together with soy sauce. I am not sure about the rest, so I've improvised. It's lovely with a crisp summer salad of fennel, radish, snap peas, red onion, parsley, and shaved parmigiano reggiano.


Bright Vinaigrette (inspired by Margaret, Duchess of Argyll's recipe)

A spoonful each of dijon mustard and grated horseradish

Lemon Juice, squeezed from half of a lemon

Champagne Vinegar

Splash of Soy Sauce

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One clove of garlic, smashed 

Freshly ground black pepper 


Combine dijon, horseradish, lemon juice, vinegar, soy sauce, black pepper, and the smashed garlic clove. Let macerate for ten minutes while you pull your salad together. Remove the garlic clove and slowly whisk in enough olive oil to balance the acids and emulsify the dressing. Taste for any adjustments by dipping in a bit of your salad and adding a bit more of whatever you think is missing. Trust your intuition, you'll know exactly what makes it perfect. 



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