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April Journal Entry

Happy Weekend, Everyone!  It might be gray and gloomy on this Spring afternoon in Venice (early June gloom, perhaps?), but I am feeling sunny inside. We are so lucky just to live in this vibrant city.  I haven't always felt this way, but LA has won me over.  There is just so much to do and see here, and such lovely people who have flocked to this fair coast.  I had a cozy dinner with friends last night, who had just been downtown to see the LA Philharmonic.  I'm now trying to find last-minute tickets to see Gustavo Dudamel conduct Beethoven's Ninth, and convince my 18 year old daughter that it will be thrilling (instead of Coachella, where all of her friends are). I know you are all wishing me luck with that, which is most sincerely appreciated!  I also am enjoying that it sort of feels like Spring all of a sudden.  The flowers and blossoms on the trees thrill me to no end, and after years of drought they feel especially meaningful.

For the last few months we have been working on a bright new lingerie collection, featuring a few new shapes and updated versions of our favorites, all along with stunning new Liberty print pieces as well.  Most of all, I like the new bralette and brief set in color blocked greens and blues or pinks and reds.  

The newest floral Liberty print robes are completely gorgeous.  In crisp 100% silk crepe de chine, they feel perfect on the skin, no matter what the season.  

New earrings have arrived, and again my favorites are the bright color combinations.  There is a particularly lovely pair that feature bright purple amethysts set in oxidized sterling silver, with a dark green tourmaline drop set in 18K yellow gold.  The length, the playful colors, and the gentle movement make these quite special indeed.  My love affair with tourmaline continues, as shown below.  The sheer spectrum of colors alone is reason enough, and composing a selection of stones is one of my most favorite things to do.  

I recently had the privilege of gathering with some of my neighbors to say farewell to one of us who is leaving the neighborhood, and moving on to new adventures.  It was called for 6pm, and a potluck, which I normally find really unnerving.  I am never sure if the food will coordinate, or if there will be enough, or what to bring in the first place.  Since our gracious neighbors were hosting, I really didn't have to worry about anything (Thank you Brooke + Randall!), so I decided to arrange an assortment of cheese and other delicious snacks that are usually a big hit in our house.  This time was no exception, as Brooke wrote to me the morning after:

"Liseanne – In addition to your energy and presence, that cheese platter extraordinaire was amazing…!  I need you to ID everything on that platter and in the bowl – I’m serious! I’m going to be serving it in lieu of dinner from now on!"

So for you Brooke, and for anyone else who might be interested, here is what I brought, and a list of what you see.   And yes, it totally works in lieu of dinner!

Cocktail Party Cheese Plate

Sliced aged Manchego, cubed Irish Dubliner Cheddar, Thinly sliced Petite Basque, chunks of aged Parmigiano

Italian flat Rosemary herbed crackers

Mary's Gone Crackers, Jalapeño flavor

Pita bread crackers

Dried papaya and dried turkish figs

Cashews, walnuts, pecans

Mandarin orange broken open, and still in the peel

Marinated goat's cheese, with fresh squeezed lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, fresh chives, salt and freshly ground black pepper 



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