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Yes, I do love a Valentine. Finding a little treat for loved ones, and celebrating LOVE might strike some as a little prescribed, a little Hallmark perhaps, but I disagree.  What better emotion to rally around, or to invoke? Especially now, I feel that everyone and everything needs more love love love. Valentine's Day is the most forgiving of all holidays, and the easiest to celebrate.  Chocolates, flowers, a love really isn't that difficult to find a way to treat your love or yourSELF, which is just as, or perhaps even more important. Of course, we have many beautiful ways to do just that. Let us help you find the perfect thing this year. It's what we do best, and given our offerings of jewelry, lingerie, books, and essential oil + beeswax candles...I promise you'll find something that your Darling will love. 

I'm just back from the gem show in Tucson, where I found lots of beautiful stones and beads to make into even more beautiful pieces of jewelry. I continue to be inspired by the beautiful range of pink tourmaline stones, and love making these floral earrings. They are so flirty and feminine, without being too sweet. We also have tiny flower stud earrings for the more faint of heart. They are quite possibly the most charming earrings ever. You can see them here.

For those in need of immediate gratification, the newest selection of trade bead necklaces is already available for Valentine's gifting. They are strung on an adjustable length red leather cord, making them extra lovely, and feature 18K gold beads in both yellow and rose gold. My favorite necklace for your sweetheart is the one with the iridescent silver heart beads. They seem to glow from within, and I was immediately drawn to their smoothness, icy sweetness, and rounded heart shape.

One special gift could be Mona Kuhn's Bushes and Succulents. Mona is a Los Angeles based artist and friend of mine, and her work celebrates the power of femininity and the strength inherent in being a woman.  I have long been a fan of Mona's work, and am thrilled to have her beautiful new book available in store and online. We have a limited quantity of signed copies, available next week for Valentine's Day gifting.  


We have lingerie and sleepwear in both silks and cottons, whichever your fancy. I always feel like a Liberty print robe is an especially gorgeous gift. It is one of our most popular choices for a luxurious present, and one of the most well received too. The 100% silk crepe de chine travels exceptionally well, ensuring a bit of beauty and comfort away from home. The Liberty print silk also makes a lovely eye mask for sleeping deeply and soundly, which truly is a luxury in and of itself.  We have a selection of them to choose from, either mixing and matching with a robe, or on its own as a sweet Valentine treat.

I would also love to suggest this new bright cherry red, short slip with a deeper red contrasting French lace hem.  It is such a flattering shape, and the color looks great on everyone. It would be virtually impossible to feel blue if you're wearing this.

For an over-the-top grand romantic gesture, I would consider a ring with a hypnotic deep red, rubellite tourmaline cabochon. The stone is truly mesmerizing, and the grand scale of the piece makes it quite majestic. It's the kind of ring you just have to wear, not keep it tucked away, but wear and enjoy it every chance you have. If something more delicate is in order, then I suggest this sweet little ruby ring.

This year I'm going to try and make a kind of healthy-ish truffle for my Valentines. I plan to combine roasted pecans, dried cherries, a bit of olive oil and honey, and then dip them in dark chocolate with a sprinkling of sea salt on top.  I don't think that the butter and cream will be missed necessarily, and I do believe that the appreciation of a homemade sweet is never something to underestimate!

Treats are wonderful for Valentine's Day, but nothing beats a love letter.  My lifelong love of handwritten notes was just deepened by the gift of an outstanding selection of Japanese pens and beautiful William Morris paper from one of my favorite friends. I had forgotten how much I love a fountain pen, love the different colors of ink, the feeling of the nib on the nice to be reminded!  It is especially wonderful in this digital age, not just to write the notes, but to know how much of a treat it is these days to receive one.  I hope you write at least one Valentine this year, enjoy the love of those around you, and reflect it right back out there.  Love love love is all we need.

Happy Valentine's Day, 

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