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Down to the wire...

You may be like me, not at all finished with holiday shopping... OR you perhaps got it all done early, and now have a moment to find something special to treat yourself for making it through this wild year with your sanity intact. Either way, we are here for you until the afternoon of the 24th, and are more than happy to guide you to that perfect gift. After that, we take a hard earned break and won't see you until the week of January 11th. We all need to rest and restore in a major way, as this year has really taken its toll. Until then, I would love to suggest a few gift ideas...

Any one of these rings would be more than delightful to receive. The double headed serpent ring is one of my favorites, and feels like a lucky talisman. I feel like it rewards the wearer with protection and a sense of hope for the future. The concept of regeneration and shedding of one's skin and the experiences of 2020 is something I feel that we all can relate to. Likewise, the color green also relates to rebirth, a sense of calm, and our heart chakra. This green tourmaline flower ring is perfect for ushering in the new year ahead. It's so new, it hasn't made it up on the website yet, so reach out if you would like more information.

It feels like earrings have become more important, as we mostly see each other on Zoom or FaceTime calls. A little something gold, with a graceful sense of movement and the natural world feel just about perfect. I designed these for a lovely new client back in the earlier part of the quarantine, and couldn't get them out of my head, so we've made another pair just in time for Christmas. We saw her again the other day, and she told us that she's worn them almost every single day, which is always wonderful to hear. I love it when our pieces become part of everyday life, which is how they are intended to be enjoyed.

These vintage beads are 50 year old reproductions of Venetian wound glass trade beads made in the 18th and 19th centuries. The deep Aegean blue, and rich coal black of these beads are beautiful backdrops for the delicate floral and stripe motifs. I love anything with a bit of contrast, which is why I love pairing delicate French lace with crisp striped, plaid, or checked men's shirting cottons in the lingerie collection, as in this lovely slip dress.

Let's not forget the men on our lists. Our Janus Men's robes are always a hit, and a luxury that most men won't necessarily treat themselves to. Why don't you spoil one of the men in your life, and gift them something useful that they will love? This plaid version is always a hit, and we happen to have one left in stock.

A fine French lace and silk face mask would also be perfect for a last minute, but incredibly thoughtful gift. We'll be wearing these for awhile, so it might be nice to have at least one that feels and looks quite special.

Much has been written about the Grand Conjunction yesterday, and the Grand Mutation that has ushered us into the Age of Aquarius. YES please. I think we all are ready for the shift that will come with the end of this intense year. If you haven't heard all about it, Chani Nicholas explains it all here. We've all been in it together, and I hope that we can all emerge stronger, more connected, and with a greater sense of purpose and appreciation than we had pre-pandemic. I've been lighting candles and gifting them too. My favorite right now would be our Zen Garden beeswax candle. It instantly takes the edge off, and after an hour or so I usually feel a much greater sense of calm. You can order them for curbside pickup in time for Christmas. We'd be happy to run them out to you!

Whatever your holiday traditions are, I hope you are all set to have a lovely and relaxing break from the madness of this year. We will be fast at work until the afternoon of the 24th, and happy to help you with any last minute gift ideas. If you're really stumped, you can always purchase a gift certificate, which is always well received. Don't forget to treat yourself to something too. You most certainly deserve it!

Much Love, Love, Love,

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