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Be our Valentine

Here we are, a mere nine days away from Valentine's Day. I know it is one of the most polarizing holidays we have.  There are those in the "Hallmark Holiday" camp, who resent being manipulated into buying something, and those who fully embrace any reason to celebrate love in all its forms. I am sure you can already guess what camp I fall into. With all the chaos that surrounds us on a daily basis, I am thrilled to have something lovely to think about. Any holiday that uses jewelry, lingerie, chocolates, and flowers as tools to represent love is going to be a hard favorite for me.  In honor of L O V E, we are hosting a flash sale on some of our favorite gift ideas for Valentine's Day. The sale begins today, and runs through the weekend, so don't delay. Select jewelry items are marked down online, and all sleepwear is 14% off with code BEOURVALENTINE. It's my gift to you.  

Speaking of gifts, Mother Nature has been outdoing herself lately.  Have you been lucky enough to see one of the spectacular sunsets we have been having?  Quite amazing by any measure, the sunsets this winter have been especially vibrant. I feel like they completely reset my central nervous system.  If you can find a minute to run outside around the magic hour, please do yourself the great favor and DO IT.  It does wonders for the soul, and I can feel the indescribable benefits of the experience every single time. 

Capturing views like these are one of the perks of having a boutique located a couple of blocks from the beach. Pink and orange together are one of the color combinations that I most love, so it has been absolute heaven to be able to witness this stunning show every evening.

If you need any advice on the gifting front, we are absolutely here for you, and have plenty to offer.  One of our 100% beeswax candles would make a lovely gift for your Valentine, as would a chic 100% silk Liberty Print Robe and/or Sleep Mask. We also have a lovely assortment of African trade bead necklaces that are always popular, and much appreciated.  I also would recommend a copy of Mona Kuhn's gorgeous book, Bushes and SucculentsWe are lucky to have a few signed copies left.  

I've said it before, but I honestly cannot sleep without one of our Hypnos silk sleep masks.  It is so important to sleep in utter darkness, and these always do the trick. I love it when people are a bit skeptical, and then come back to rave about them and buy them as gifts. Treat yourself or someone you care about. An optimal night's rest is one of the greatest gifts of all, so anything to help someone be successful in that endeavor is truly an act of love. 

This new year has felt a bit relentless, so I've tried to keep it simple and give myself a rest from the nonstop cocktail and sweets circuit that we call the holiday season.  This juice is something that helps me reset, so I try to drink it as much as I can. You'll need a juicer to make it at home, or just order these ingredients at your local juice bar.  Ours has memorized it by now, after I've ordered it so many times.  It's completely refreshing, and I definitely feel better having made it part of my routine over the last month.    

Juice for the New Year

One head of organic Celery, tops and base trimmed

One bunch organic Italian Parsley

One bunch organic Cilantro

One large organic cucumber

One organic lemon, cut in half

One two inch piece of organic ginger

After being so virtuous in January, I am more than ready for the Valentine's chocolates that I hope are coming my way soon. Have you tried the Passion Fruit Bonbons at Milla Chocolates?  They are divine. I hope that a certain Valentine of mine will read this and pick up a box. Ahem...hint hint!


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