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Summer of the Gentleman

It's well into June now, with Father's Day this Sunday, June 18th.  Have you sorted out how to celebrate the Fathers in your life?  Unfortunately, my father is no longer with us, so I can't quite celebrate him the way that I can with my mother, on Mother's Day.  I do think of him however, and about how grateful I am to have had him as my father.  I am also profoundly grateful that my children have Peter.  He is everything one would want in a father, and though they tease him mercilessly at times, everyone knows how completely devoted they are, and with good reason.  Parenting is never remotely easy, even in the best of circumstances, but he is patient, loving, and steadfast in a way that seems effortless.  He's also hilarious, and keeps them (and me!) laughing in the best way possible.  He is the inspiration for the pieces in our men's sleepwear collection, and tested the fit so we know they're comfortable.  


 We do have a nice selection of men's sleepwear in our GENTLEMAN'S section.  We have robes in several gorgeous fabrics, both solid and stripes, and all with contrast piping, and the exquisite attention to detail we pay to our women's lingerie collection.  We also are thrilled to introduce the pajama pants and shirts.  We sell them separately, to allow for a mixed set of fabrics, but feel free to order them to match.  I especially like the plaids with the stripes.  


Our beaded necklaces are not only just for women.  They also look great on men, and men of different styles.  It can go the way of sexy surfer style, or look far more polished while being a touch bohemian.  Our inventory is always shifting, depending on the bead collection of the moment, and what seems to suit the season.  Call or come by, and let us help you find something perfect.


To celebrate Father's Day this year, I'm planning to make a lobster salad.  It seems festive and perfect for lunch outdoors.  I'll get the lobster from Santa Monica Seafood, and then toss the meat with bibb lettuce, tons of fresh herbs, slices of pink grapefruit, fennel, and avocado.  I will make a chili-lime vinaigrette, with diced red chili pepper, freshly squeezed lime juice, extra-virgin olive oil and a pinch of pink salt and freshly ground black pepper.  I always season the salad with fresh ground black pepper and pink salt after tossing.  I can't remember who taught me to do this, but it really helps the flavors come together and makes everything taste a bit brighter.  






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