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May Days

May happens to be one of my favorite months.  Not just because of Mother's Day, and the fact that my first born arrived early, and in May, making me a brand new Mama just a few days beforehand.  No, I love May for many reasons.  I love the ecstatic purple of the blooming Jacaranda trees in my neighborhood.  I love that some of my very best friends in the world were born in May.  Stone fruit appears at the farmer's market in May, heralding the upcoming summer, and making us swoon with delight at the season's first crop of dark red cherries.  The weather in May can be nothing short of perfect, with the longer evening light making it perfect for an after-dinner stroll. 

Another reason to love May is that Emeralds are the birthstone of the month, and we have several gorgeous pieces that celebrate the stone.   I especially like the stacking ring with the emerald and the pavé amethyst band.  It's just like those beloved Jacaranda trees of mine.


The Spring/Summer season always has me pulling out my collection of beads.  I've been making these necklaces for so many years, yet I never ever tire of them.  They are pieces to collect, to gift, and to wear in multiple combinations, or simply and elegantly alone.  You can wear them as chokers, as they're adjustable, or hanging low, almost like a pendant.  We have a delightful variety of texture, shape, and color.  I'm sure you'll find one to adore.   There are so many to choose from, and you can click here to shop.


I'm also delighted to give you a preview of our men's sleepwear collection.  The robes have been in the store for awhile, and have garnered a fair share of attention from our female clients as well.  Now we have pajama tops and bottoms to complement the robes.  They are perfect for gifting on Father's Day, which is fast upon us next month.  We are using the finest Italian cotton men's shirting fabrics, with contrasting piping details, along with an excellent cut to ensure that the men in your life look sharp, even during slumber.  


I decided to make banana bread last weekend, inspired by the overripe bananas in our fruit bowl, and the need for something sweet and delicious for breakfast on Sunday.   I started with the basics, bananas, eggs, butter...and added greek yogurt, a couple of chopped dark chocolate bars, and swapped some of the flour with almond meal.  It really was delicious, and of course didn't last until Monday.  I hope you will love it too.






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