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Marching ahead

Well, the beginning of March has certainly heralded a sort of new reality, hasn't it?  What is that quote about March coming in like a lion, and going out like a lamb?  I realize that pertains to weather, but could it also pertain to the current public health crisis?  Let's all hope so.  I certainly don't have any special insight into the coronavirus, but what I do know, is that we need to take good care of ourselves and others during what is undoubtedly one of the most uncertain times in recent memory.  I'm thinking about those amongst us who might need special looking after, so let's make sure we do that to the best of our abilities. Let's also make sure to notice the amazing things happening around us in the natural world, such as the wisteria blooming, the hummingbird mamas feeding their new little babes, and beginning of a beautiful new season.

For the time being, we are keeping our regular business hours, noon-6pm Tuesdays-Fridays, noon-5pm Saturdays, and closed on Sundays and Mondays.  We are taking all precautions to ensure a sanitized and hygienic shopping experience.  We wipe down all hard surfaces multiple times per day, and after every client visit. We are hand washing on an Olympian level, and making sure that we all stay healthy.  Please feel free to make an appointment, or to have things sent to you, if you are not comfortable venturing out into the world.  Believe me, the most important thing is to take care of ourselves and to protect others, and we understand that on a very deep level. We are more than happy to be flexible and make accommodations as we navigate the current landscape.  

As for taking care of ourselves, we have lots of ways to do that here at LFrank.  Firstly, did you know that burning beeswax candles apparently releases negative ions into the air, which in turn purifies it?  In addition, Frankincense is thought to calm anxiety and have antiseptic properties, which sounds especially good right about now.  We just so happen to have beeswax candles scented with Frankincense essential oil, which will make your house smell delicious, clean the air, and lessen the anxieties of the times.  I have one burning next to me right now, and I have to say that I feel calmer than I have all week. I am also burning our Zen Garden candle, because who doesn't want a little bit of zen at this particular moment?

We also have the silkiest, loveliest pieces of sleepwear and lingerie that make even the most uncertain times infinitely nicer.  As my dear friend Natasha phrases it, we shall be "cocooning" for awhile, so let's be chic and comfortable while we do just that. I always feel bolstered by something colorful and luxurious next to my skin, hence there is no shortage of options here. We just sent out a few custom orders and I am delighted in the knowledge that we are brightening the days ahead for at least a handful of lucky individuals and those around them. There's no good reason not to swan around in something beautiful and don a jewel or two, whether to cocoon at home or to venture out for supplies.


I've also taken time to put together a new selection of our popular African trade bead necklaces. It's a particularly lovely batch, and I know that our collectors will all find something new to love. We have a few online now, and are working on getting the rest up over the next few days. 

As for the upcoming social distancing that we will all be engaging in, I hope it is possible to find the light and levity.  I'll be cooking up a storm and enjoying the unexpected time with my family. I also plan on reconnecting with my newly tuned piano (thank you Mr. Vladimir Greenberg), in between other creative projects. I am also instituting an after-dinner disco routine, something we used to do years ago, and a habit that definitely needs revisiting now that we are all under one roof again. 

I'll also be making this delicious escarole salad for as long as the farmer's market remains open and accessible.  It's the perfect accompaniment to all of the hearty and delicious stews I will also be experimenting with. It's a riff on the one from Lupa in New York.  If you know it, then you love it.  

Escarole Salad

One large head escarole

Toasted and roughly chopped walnuts

Pickled red onions (just soak them in red wine vinegar for as long as you like)

Grated Pecorino-Romano cheese

Fresh dill

For the dressing, I toss a little of the vinegar from the onions, add a spoonful of the oil from the anchovy jar, juice of half a lemon, salt, pepper, and a bit of extra virgin olive oil.  

Enjoy, and take good care out there...



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