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First of May, May Day... or MAYDAY!, as in the classic international distress signal. It's kind of both, really. I hope you and yours are doing well, navigating the lockdown and it's attendant anxieties. The cooking, cleaning, worrying, working remotely, distance learning, the hoping everything doesn't fall apart (including one's own self). There is certainly a lot to manage, therefore it is even more important to take good care out there. Look after yourself, and those who need looking after. For me, this is a time for moving a bit more slowly through the day, more mindfully, and with an even greater generosity of spirit. With that in mind, I think it is especially important to properly celebrate the mothers in our lives on Sunday, May 10th.  

I know that I feel especially lucky to have my mother around to celebrate. Because of her age, we won't be able to give her big hugs and kisses, but we will be able to bring her flowers, and stand across her patio at an appropriate distance to tell her how much we love her. She's been a mother for most of her life, and she's really perfected the art. She is a huge inspiration not only to me, but to everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her. 

Even in the best of times, Mother's Day is a wonderful opportunity to show gratitude and share your love with the women who mean the most to you. In this time of quarantine, every gesture feels even more special. How are you going to celebrate this year? We have ten days to make plans, source a bit of joy, and make sure that the mothers around us feel supported and appreciated. My mother loves beads, so I plan to give her one of our hand made, one-of-a-kind necklaces.

We also have a few new pair of earrings, that feel especially perfect for a Mother's Day treat.  If earrings aren't her thing, bracelets also make wonderful Mother's Day gifts, as would this striking 18k gold necklace with an oxidized sterling silver and grey diamond pendant. I love the contrast between the darkened silver and the matte, hand-finished 18k gold.

We do have other less precious, but quite lovely options for gifts, as ever.  Our beeswax candles can be delivered locally, as can anything ordered from our website. We are also able to ship in time for Mother's Day, as long as you place your order by Wednesday, May 6th. I am planning to treat myself to a new slip for Mother's Day, since I wear one every single day, both to sleep in and to layer under dresses. I'm thinking about these three, and trying to decide which one will suit me best.

Of course, who wouldn't love a new ring to add a bit of cheer during this extraordinary time. The bright pink tourmaline cabochon is an instant mood elevator in the brightest of times, which is something we can all use a bit more of now.

There has been an enormous amount of loss around the globe this year, and we are all affected by it. The Ancient Egyptians had an entire culture and set of rituals surrounding death and the afterlife. It has been a source of fascination for me for as long as I can remember, so when I found this beautiful carved labradorite scarab, I immediately knew it would make a beautiful ring, and a special memento for someone to treasure. A scarab was placed over the heart of a body before mummification, in order to protect and provide luck for the journey to the afterlife. I just love that symbolism, as well as the energy surrounding the idea of transformation and immortality. We are all transformed by this shared experience in some way, and will emerge from it very different from the way we entered it. It's impossible to have an experience like the one we are collectively having, and remain unchanged. I'm hoping for a safe and protected journey for all.  

One lovely journey to take is through Exhibition on Screen: Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse through the Royal Academy in London's website. It documents the 2016 exhibition, and is a lovely way to spend an hour or so, if you are like me and swoon at the sight of a beautiful garden.  

Lots of museums have excellent online programming to feed our appetite for art.  Our very own LACMA has launched LACMA@Home with a weekly email, where you can find inspirational content, such as this wonderful short film about Betye Saar. Even though we cannot physically visit our favorite cultural institutions, it's easy to benefit from their online presence, and support them as best we can.

I've dropped a major hint about these Milla Chocolates for Mother's Day. I mean really...passion fruit hearts with 23kt gold leaf? Perfection. If I share them, it might make up for the pain and suffering I am causing while I teach myself to play this on the piano. I played daily from ages 5-17, and then never touched the piano again... so it is a bit slow going, I'm afraid. I just hope I'm not torturing the neighbors too.

As for Mother's Day itself, I think it would be a perfect excuse to make this divine looking Berry Brita Cake from Susan Spungen's newly released cookbook, Open Kitchen. It looks like a dream, and I have so been enjoying cooking from this book. Susan was meant to do a book signing at Chariots on Fire in March, and sadly it was cancelled. I look forward to seeing her in the hopefully not too distant future, and to the rescheduled signing when we can all gather again safely. In the meantime, I've got this cake on my mind...

Happy Mother's Day, and Happy May Day to all... we are here to help you find a perfect treat for yourself or the mamas in your life, if you feel like making it an extra special Mother's Day. We are extending our 25% discount on all lingerie through May, while donating 10% of online sales to No Kid Hungry. Now more than ever, our support helps the most vulnerable amongst us.

Take good care of yourselves and each other. We so look forward to seeing you all in brighter days. Almost there, I hope...

Much Love,

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