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Mother's Day LOVE

Perhaps you've heard that it's Mother's Day this Sunday?  It's hard to escape, with all of the advertising and consumerism associated with the day.  All that aside, it is a wonderful thing to take a step back, and shine a laser beam of love on all of the mamas in your life.  I have most certainly been blessed in that department, not only with my amazing mother, but with a truly unique and fabulous mother-in-law, who I wish was still with us.  There are other decidedly wonderful women in my life, who also happen to be mothers.  They have long set examples for me, and have been supportive, loving, generous, and kind to me always.  I know how tremendously fortunate I am to have these inspirational and supportive figures in my life, and also to be a mother myself.  I am reminded of how meaningful my own mother's support is (THANK YOU, Mama!) and how I hope to always provide that incredible sense of reassurance and unconditional love to my own children. It's one thing to feel it and think it, but another thing entirely to communicate it effectively and often.  My own mother is so good at this, and I find myself appreciating it even more as the years go by, and really hoping that I have inherited this very special skillset.
We all know that I don't take holidays lightly.  I try to make Mother's Day as special as I can for my mother, and I love it when my family does something sweet for me.  Peter is taking me to see Jacob Jonas The Company at The Wallis, which I am very excited about, and hopefully (hint, hint) the children will remember to call me from the middle of finals week to shower me with love. Of course a little something special would also be nice. Let's not forget that being a mother is sometimes really hard, and that all mothers deserve to be recognized for doing what is unquestionably the toughest job.  
We have lots of ideas for Mother's Day gifting, and we are happy to help you find something spectacular.  We even have a selection of pieces offered at a 20% discount, so if you've had your eye on something, now might be the perfect time to treat yourself.  One of the limited edition Liberty of London print robes would make a perfect gift for Mother's Day.  We have several in either 100% silk crepe de chine or 100% cotton with French lace. A few of them are one of a kind, and the only ones available, so you'll be lucky to call one of them yours.  I can't think of anything more luxurious than to spend a Sunday swanning around in one of them. 

Everyone likes a stacking ring, and collecting them can become a delightful and lifelong pursuit.  It's such a personal endeavor, and so meaningful to find just the perfect ring to pair with an existing favorite.  We have a lovely selection, in many different stones and shapes, and are always happy to make suggestions.

I've been wearing flower earrings every single day now for quite some time.  The studs are especially charming, and would make a delightful gift.  These are also part of our Mother's Day promotion, and are currently eligible for a 20% discount.  I am especially fond of the black diamond and blue sapphire pair.  They feel really unique and unexpected, while looking so pretty and feminine on the ear.  

I think we will do Mother's Day dinner this year, so in the morning it will be nice to keep it simple.  I like to make almond milk every week, and one of nicest things about having it around is the ability to make delicious overnight oats.  It's easy enough to do, and such a treat to have on hand, especially for houseguests.  I assemble it in the morning, after making the almond milk, and then we have it for breakfast the next day.  You can play around with the proportions, or substitute a different kind of dried fruit, for instance.  It's a very forgiving recipe.  

Overnight Oats

1 cup old fashioned oats

1/2 cup raisins

1/4 cup dried, shredded, unsweetened coconut

1/4 cup sprouted pumpkin seeds

1 tbs. maple syrup

1/4 tsp cinnamon

generous pinch sea salt

1 1/2 cups freshly made almond milk 

Mix together all dry ingredients in a glass container with an airtight lid.  Pour over almond milk, and maple syrup, then mix to combine.  The dry ingredients should be completely immersed in the almond milk. You can experiment with how much liquid you prefer, as it isn't really an exact science.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.  I like to serve it with a handful of mixed berries, or a spoonful of jam.


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