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Mother's Day Musings

Mother's Day is rapidly approaching, so if you are a mother, I hope that you find yourself making a little list, or a plan, or dropping a hint for something special to honor the work you've done to create and nurture other beings. I have a lot of thoughts on the topic, but first and foremost is my feeling that Mother's Day is not just another greeting card kind of holiday. The fact that Mother's Day coincides with spring in all its glory is a lucky break. I was just in NYC, and honestly nothing feels more optimistic to me than New York City in the springtime. The simple glory of Mother Nature showing off after the winter season is in itself something to celebrate, and the showy blossoms in Central Park are most definitely something to feel grateful for. There are many ways to celebrate the maternal figures in your life with love and maybe a treat or two. We have a wonderful selection of options for gifting that are quite special, and we would be delighted to help you find something unique.  

For something truly special, next week we have the distinct pleasure of hosting our friend Sasha Iglehart and her elegant and sustainable collection A Shirt Story. Sasha is a lifelong fashion editor who has turned her love of men's shirts into an environmentally conscious answer to the overproduction plaguing the fashion industry. Her mission is to upcycle and reinvigorate a simple classic, something everyone can wear and feel good about. I especially love the one-of-a-kind nature of her project, and the care that goes into making each one so special. To this end, Sasha employs a bevy of sparkly buttons, a gently yet artfully frayed collar, and creative solutions to concealing an imperfection, such as a contrasting patch designed to rescue a treasure that may have seen better days.   

I have long loved a men's cotton shirt, having started wearing Brooks Brother's shirts from the boy's department when I was a teenager. I still have some of them, in fact. I transitioned from those to the hand me down Turnbull & Asser and Charvet shirts from my father-in-law in my mid-twenties, which I loved for their worn-in softness and elegant french cuffs. I wore those until they essentially fell apart, so the offerings from A Shirt Story feel quite nostalgic and special to me. They look great with our new cotton Liberty Print skirts, or knotted over our Lilia sundresses. I hope you'll swing by on May 10th and 11th to meet Sasha and have a look!

Another wonderful Mother's Day gift idea might be a piece from the collaboration I've done with the ceramicist Carey Lowell, which are exclusively available on our website and in our boutique. I met Carey many years ago, but reconnected with her in Southhampton a couple of summers ago when we both participated in a pop-up that our chic and lovely friend Amanda Ross of ARossGirl had put together. In addition to the exquisite vases and bowls that she creates, I noticed a bowl of ceramic flowers that Carey had made, and it immediately inspired me to ask if we could collaborate on a special, limited edition of jewels featuring her work.  

I wanted to use Carey's handmade creations as I do the pieces from my extensive bead collection. The mix of the porcelain with our 18K gold accent beads feels fresh and infinitely wearable. I love the idea of permanent flowers, something I often create using gemstones and gold. Carey is a kindred spirit as a mother, an artist, and an avid gardener. In her words, she articulated an ethos to which I wholeheartedly subscribe:

"My garden in full of flowers which I have planted over the years and lovingly cared for. They give me great pleasure and lift my spirits when I see their happy faces. They appear often in my ceramics, especially when I'm working in porcelain, which shares their attributes of translucency, refinement and delicacy. The small petals I make remind me of spring blossoms snowing down on an April walk through the park. I am trying to capture the ephemeral nature of their beauty and make it permanent." - Carey Lowell

In addition to the creation of beauty, 10% of proceeds from the sale of the LFrank + Carey Lowell pieces will benefit Moms Demand Action, a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures to protect people from gun violence. You can learn more, and take action by clicking here.

My roses have been a tremendous source of joy for me over the last few weeks. I know I've mentioned it before, but truly... it is such a gift to wake up each morning and see a new bloom or two (or three or four!) in all their morning sunshine glory. Anyone who knows me knows how incredibly proud I am of our human children, so this in no way compares of course. Alas, I do have to admit to a deep sense of pride and wonder at my flower children. Does that seem a bit nuts? Probably, but I still feel a boggling sense of wonder every time I see one of my roses bloom. I suspect if you have a garden or simply love flowers, you just might understand.

However you choose to spend this Mother's Day, I hope it is filled with tons of love love love, and if you are a Mother yourself... I hope someone spoils you rotten!


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