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Almost Summer

Hello, Hellooooooooo!  It's been a long while, and I hope all is well as it can be in your world. I am so happy to be back in the swing of things over here... enjoying my good health, my usual daily routines, and seeing the sun again after such a rainy winter, and relatively gloomy May.  Despite the grey days, my roses have been the happiest they've ever been, and we have a second hummingbird's nest just outside our kitchen windows, so we have been privy to the very best that springtime nature in LA has to offer. We are very lucky on all fronts.  I hope you will enjoy the gorgeous long weekend ahead.  As per usual, we will be closed on Saturday, May 25th in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.  We will look forward to seeing you next week, when we re-open with our regular hours on Wednesday, May 29th.

There are lots of things I am looking forward to as summer approaches, and one is the trunk show we are hosting next month for the extremely special and completely bespoke handbag collection Lūra, from Yvonne Roe and Sandra Planeta.  I hope you'll join us on June 12th + 13th at the boutique so that I can share this discovery with you.

While the new year began with a little forced rest and introspection, I evaluated some of my ingrained habits and came to the conclusion that my canvas tote bag carrying was a bit sophomoric, and something I needed to move away from. My goal is to elevate my own personal experience, the actual toting of my things around into something that feels elegant and organized. A very wise astrologer told me that I am nearing the close of a major transit, and so I think a new way of organizing myself is in order. I feel like it can only have a positive effect on my day, which in turn will affect my mood and even my productivity. To that end, I have happily upgraded to the practical and gorgeous Lūra Enni Brief in Ruby Red.

This is where Yvonne and Sandra come in, and it's kismet that I was introduced to them though my lovely friend Caroline.  These two wonderful women are dear friends and business partners, on a mission to create an entirely bespoke and magical experience in the world of handbags.  Since the entire line is 100% custom made to order by skilled artisans in Italy, I patiently awaited my Enni's arrival, and when it arrived, it was SO exciting. I am planning to host Yvonne and the collection for a pop-up in our Venice boutique on Wednesday and Thursday, the 12th + 13th of June. I hope you'll swing by to have a look and see why I instantly knew that these bags would be a perfect complement to my life. Not just aesthetically and functionally, but philosophically as well. Yvonne and Sandra are committed to a sustainable and ethical business model, making only what is ordered, and using the highest level of craftsmanship available. This is something that resonates deeply with me, as it is the type of atelier style production that we also subscribe to exclusively.  

On the topic of sustainable and ethical production, I want to point out that making everything in our Los Angeles studio is a privilege that feels impossibly rare and special, and now more so than ever before.  The myriad of products we are bombarded with on a daily basis that are produced en masse in factories overseas, only accentuates how deeply I appreciate finding kindred spirits in this world, people who truly appreciate and subscribe to a gentler way of manufacturing and consuming in this current climate.  I'm lucky enough to keep growing this community of like-minded humans, and to be able to create beautiful things in such a thoughtful and conscientious way.

Recently we have been working on a new summer skirt, which has already proven to be a client favorite.  We have lovely Liberty of London prints, as well as Italian men's shirting cottons, and would be delighted to make a bespoke version for you.  Swing by to try it on and discuss options, if you have a moment.  It has pockets, and all the ease that a wrap skirt has to offer. It is modeled after a skirt that I remember my mother wearing in the 1970s, though in a longer length, which feels very elegant. I promise it's all you need for summer. 

It will also look great with one of Sasha Iglehart's A Shirt Story shirts.  Sasha just sent us a new shipment, so we are re-stocked for summer.  These one-of-a-kind shirts continue to be quite popular and sell out box after box, so come soon for the pick of the litter.  They fall perfectly into the sustainable and special category of pieces that feel good to invest in, and even better to wear and enjoy.

More and more (with a few exceptions, of course) I feel like dressing exclusively in my own collection. I basically live in our cotton pieces all summer long for daytime dressing, and at night I switch to silk, either a simple Juno slip or an Ava, which is one of our best selling favorites. That and the addition of one of our Elena jackets will get you through whatever evenings are ahead, be they mellow and quiet at home, or out and about...even dancing the night away.  I am looking forward to hosting summertime dinners with friends soon, and for that I will don this to feel both festive and cozy for entertaining at home.

As of late, the studio has been busy with the making of several custom pieces, some using family heirloom stones, others just commemorating special occasions or personal accomplishments. I love making these sentimental pieces, and will have more images of them to share with you soon. This one is a custom ring created with sapphires from a trip to Sri Lanka for a lovely client who wanted to create a stack of rings to remember this journey with.  I can't think of a better daily reminder of happy and expansive times.  If you have something you'd like to make, please reach out with your special request.  I love these kinds of projects, and am happy to discuss options anytime.

Attending the Farmer's Market in Mar Vista has been such a wonderful Sunday morning tradition for our family, and recently the bunches of freshly picked tarragon has been such an inspiration.  I usually throw together something for lunch after assessing our morning's haul, and a simple frittata has been my go-to for the last few weeks.  Anything with eggs, cheese, fresh herbs and vegetables is going to be delicious, and this is no exception.  

Farmer's Market Frittata

2-3 leeks, trimmed and sliced thinly, lengthwise

A bunch of broccolini

A handful of leftover, roasted potatoes sliced into thin rounds

10 organic large eggs, whisked with a handful of parmigiano reggiano

A log of goat's cheese

A handful of fresh tarragon leaves (chives, parsley, dill, and basil also work well)

Salt + freshly ground black pepper

First, I sauté the leeks in a bit of butter until soft, sprinkling with salt and a few grinds of black pepper, while taking care not to let them brown. 

Add in the broccolini, and the sliced potatoes, and cook until everything is soft before stirring in the egg/parmigiano mixture to combine everything. Turn the heat down to low, and scatter the goat's cheese and fresh herbs onto the eggs, and sprinkle with a dusting of sea salt and black pepper. 

Once the bottom is set after a few minutes on top of the flame, transfer the frittata to the oven to continue to cook for another 15 minutes or so.  The frittata is ready once the edges and top seem firmly set.   Serve with a big green salad and slices of sourdough toast.  Jyan Isaac is finally at the Mar Vista Farmer's Market on Sundays now, which is such a treat. I especially love the marbled rye, but all of their offerings are completely delicious.  



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