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I don't think I can remember a Spring in Los Angeles feeling quite this much like an actual season, rather than just a subtle, brief transition that passes far too quickly to even notice.  This month, it actually feels like SPRING in really substantial ways, and what could be better?  First there was the incredible butterfly migration, then the sweet hummingbird's nest above our front door, the blossoms on our coral tree that have long been missing, followed by the heavenly aroma of the wisteria bloom in our backyard...all a nod to the historic superbloom the entire state is experiencing at the moment. It feels so incredibly good to see the blossoms, hear the birds, and feel the season shifting right in our very bones.  I hope you're enjoying this beautiful moment in nature, wherever you are.  I've been taking in the longer days, adjusting to the natural shift in my internal body clock, and creating lots of beauty wherever I can.

Lately,  I find myself looking through my collection of pearls every chance that I have, and finding new ways to use them. Pearl drop earrings are always so lovely either on their own, or in combination with each other.  I have always favored pearls over almost any other type of jewel. There is just something about the luminosity that I find so compelling.  It's no wonder that pearls were prized by every civilization from as far back as the earliest recorded history.  Pearl mania has gripped many societies, and the "Queen of Gems" are fascinating in their uniqueness, variety, and natural beauty.  Everyone looks beautiful in pearls.  It's true, I promise.

One of my favorite pearl pieces ever has to be this stunning ring.  The lotus leaf setting holds the baroque south sea pearl so beautifully, making it such a substantial and luminous jewel.  It's already found its forever home, so I'm on the lookout for another pearl to create something equally stunning.  In the meantime, I adore with these tiny little keshi pearls.  Strung on brightly colored coral silk, with our handmade 18K gold clasp, they are just the thing for Spring.


Have you taken a look at Boticelli's fifteenth century painting "Primavera" lately?  I've long found it quite inspirational.  It is grandly romantic, and such an incredibly lush visual.  It has goddesses in nature, cupid, flowers, leaves, vines, and an orchard.  Not least of course, are the delightful Three Graces in their diaphanous gowns.  Stay tuned for our summer sleepwear, which we will introduce later in the season.  We are using a beautifully translucent silk and cotton fabric that I love for how light and soft it is. 

The transformation of Chloris into Flora, the Goddess of flowers and of Spring, is my favorite part, marking the beginning of the season.  I can't get enough of the flowers in her hair, the garland around her neck, and her floral embroidered gown.  

It also feels very spring-like to have floral rings on my fingers. It has been such a joy to create these one-of-a-kind pieces.  They've been going quickly, but I keep making more.  I find them to be both charming and happy, and who couldn't use a little of that on a daily basis?  

It has been such a treat to experience Spring in Los Angeles this year, and I hope that if you're in town, you'll come over for a visit to see all of the lovely Spring pieces we have in the boutique. The cotton sleepwear feels especially fresh, as do the Liberty print florals.  I've been wearing this lovely cotton plaid and French lace slip under all of my Spring dresses lately.  

And finally, I got around to putting together a few new pieces with some of the special stones that I have been collecting.  The lapis, labradorite, Chinese writing stone, and Norena Jasper all look quite beautiful as a collection, but of course you could wear just one at a time.  

Lately, I find myself making this citrus salad over and over again. It has everything I am attracted to in a Springtime dish; color, brightness of flavor, and it is quite simple and cleansing to the palate. I just cut off the peels, and slice up whatever citrus fruit I have handy.  A combination of oranges, along with tangerines, mandarins, kumquats, and grapefruit all work beautifully.  Blood oranges, along with Cara Cara and Valencia are nice, and have different colors and flavor profiles. I then tear a handful of mint leaves to scatter over the top, along with the juice of one of the oranges.  It's especially nice after a meal for a light dessert.  I serve it with chocolates, and a pot of ginger tea.  It is also nice for breakfast in the morning, with greek yogurt and walnuts.  What a pretty way to begin the day!



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